We all know Corian®/solid surface is a wonderful material. We do wonderful things with it. Our journey of discovery working with Corian®/solid surface has revealed many things that we love to share.

We are pioneers

Since 1992 we have continuously developed new methods to work with solid surface materials: our work is a passion, not a trial.
15 years ago, we were challenged to develop a method to make a strong and reliable fixing into Corian®. Through a short development program, the ‘Squirrel Fixing’ was born. A nut buried within the material itself, opening-up the possibilities for a wide range of new solid surface based products. Enabling the Seeko hotel in Bordeaux to be the first major building in Europe to be clad in Corian® and used as a case study by DuPont Corian® ever since.

We are collaborators

Every project we work on is a collaboration. With early clear communication and a structured approach, we know what you want. That’s a good point to start from.
The phrase ‘I assumed’ has been deleted from our vocabulary. It’s only human to be tempted to assume, but a warning light comes on if it enters our thoughts.

We are proud

This may seem like a strong word, but we are proud to be trusted by some of the most respected architectural firms and designers.

We are the future

Corian® is a material that has a big part to play in the future. It’s our commitment to stay ahead of current manufacturing techniques, and this is why we call ourselves Cutting Edge.

We are the people

Established in 1992 we continue to employ people with a future-focused mindset, not purely on experience or qualifications. We encourage school-leavers and graduates to enter our world of manufacturing and our joy is in finding where their strengths lie and helping them to build a career. The heart of Cutting Edge is not about the things we’ve made, or the building we work in, it’s in the faces of the people above. They are Cutting Edge.