Jan 24, 2017

Ten reasons why we can successfully realise your reception desk

The starting point
We can commence the process of quoting for your reception desk from a number of start points.  You may have a fully developed 3d CAD model or a set of 2d CAD drawings enabling us to provide an accurate quotation very quickly.  Or you may be in the early concept stages in which case we can provide a full design service from scratch or develop your drawings/ ideas further.

Value engineering your design
With a clear understanding of a design concept we can often value engineer a project deemed to be ‘too expensive’ to keep it well within budget.
Design complexity and flexibility
Complexity of design is not a problem, we can produce any shape you can imagine.  Using solid surface material, we can make very detailed intricate surfaces up to large scale thermoformed double curvature panels.
Supporting structures are no problem
Don’t worry about the structure of the desk, we can design and make a suitable cabinet/ support structure.  It’s important to consider all elements of the desk as a whole for a successful project.

3D control of your design
Our 3d modeling software allows us to develop design outcomes with parametric control.  This opens up a new world for designers to explore.  Surface patterns and textures are possible that would otherwise be beyond designer’s capabilities.

Project management dialogue is important..
Our project management team have a constant dialogue with our production team allowing us to deliver consistently on time.
Experience of the new
For 25 years Cutting Edge has been at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of solid-surface material.  We constantly invest our time in exploring new fabrication techniques.
Flexibility with materials
Feel free to use other material in the design of your desk.  We have a reliable and trusted list of suppliers we work with for other materials such as metalwork, glass, lighting etc.  As well as solid surface material fabrication we process all timber parts in-house.
Specialist machining
We have a number of CNC machines with dedicated operators that enable us to process parts fast and efficiently.  All CNC processes are managed through a cloud based system so that project managers have a constant feed-back from the workshop.

Experience counts for installation
The final installation of a reception desk requires an experienced team that not only understands the construction of the desk but has a solid background in solid surface fabrication. 


If you have a project which you would like to develop with us, please contact us to discuss further.

Alternatively, if you are looking for some inspiration, and examples of our previous projects, please look through our gallery of completed works. 

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