Feb 1, 2016

Corian Staircase

Staircase treads and central collumn in Glacier White

We were approached by bespoke steelwork company Arcangel to work with them on a challenging spiral staircase design. The staircase had been commissioned and the steel structural components in production at the point in which we were asked to join the project.

Each tread was fabricated using a series of single curvature parts, in a combination of 6 and 12mm Corian. All of the formed components were trimmed on the 5 axis to allow for clean and accurate assembly. These trimmed parts were seamlessly jointed around the steel structure, then individually finished and fitted precisely to the adjacent treads in our workshop, ensuring ultimate accuracy for the installation. Working with barely any tolerance, the individual pieces were stacked and fixed in situ meeting flawlessly with the upper floor level.

Bespoke Corian nosing details were fabricated for the basement steps and the transition from stair tread to flooring material at each landing level. The shape of each tread incorporated a central handrail that is fully formed when stacked together, merging functionality with aesthetic.

A view showing the basement steps with Corian nosing detailing leading up to the start of the staircase.

A view from the middle floor showing the integrated handrail and transition point. 

Completed August 2015

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